Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MTC - February 23rd

Greetings From the MTC!!:

So time is flying by and I can't believe that we've been here almost a month. We're still the only district in our zone but we should be getting more missionaries this Wednesday. Since I am the Sister Training leader, the Zone Leaders and I will be giving the new missionaries a tour of the MTC and telling them everything they need to know. That should be fun. I remember when we were those new missionaries and we just were wide eyed and confused haha. It'll be good. Oh and the Branch President let the Zone Leaders and I change the backgrounds on our cell phones to selfies haha. He encouraged it. So it's okay :)

This week we were assigned a new investigator for TRC named Ivelisse. She is from Venezuela and is so hard to understand because she doesn't use the letter s at all. But, the TRC lady, Alani, let us still teach Brian even though he wasn't assigned to us anymore. She eventually switched us back over to Brian so we don't teach Ivelisse anymore. Things are going great with Brian! He went to church on Sunday. We taught him the Word of Wisdom this week and he is going to try to follow it. We also taught the Word of Wisdom to our investigator, Alejandra. Let's just say we teach a lot of lessons and we have a lot of investigators :)

Hermana F's birthday is this week so we kind of celebrated it in class and that was fun! We take all the fun we can get. The elders like to make a bunch of PB & J sandwiches and sneak them out of the cafeteria. 

Something that we did this week was come up with our personal definitions of the atonement. We started by writing one word to define the atonement. Then we wrote a phrase to describe the atonement. And then we wrote a paragraph. Every day we are supposed to rewrite our definition and then in a few days we will translate them in Spanish. 

Elder B plays the role of investigator Jorge Lopez (right) and we taught him this week. I recited the first vision and he almost cried. It was awesome haha. It's cool because walking around MTC campus people will stop and recite the first vision to you in their language and then we recite it back in Spanish :) 

Things are pretty much the same, but we might be getting our travel plans this week! So that's exciting :) 

Hermana Martin
P.S. I'll try to get the pictures to work

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