Saturday, April 18, 2015

Week of April 13th

This week was week 5 out of 6 of my first transfer in the mission. I cannot believe how fast it´s gone by!! We´ve made a lot of progress these past 5 weeks cleaning up the list of branch members and finding less active families to help. We had several sweet experiences (miracles) this week and I´d like to share a couple with you.
Saturday night Hermana G. and I had passed by everyone in our schedule and either they weren´t home or were busy and couldn´t visit with us. We were discussing who we could visit on our way to buy facturas because #gordas. We never made it to the factura place because we found what we thought was the house of a less active member of the branch. We clapped at the gate like three times and the woman in the window didn´t get up. We clapped again and she came outside. We asked if she was Hermana R. and she said it depended on who we are. We said that we´re the missionaries and she let us in and talked to us! She hasn´t been to church in about 15 years! But, she´s been praying all these years. We read the Book of Mormon with her and have another appointment with her this week. What a miracle!!!! 
We´ve been teaching a less active family (the Zapata Family) for a few weeks now. Their daughter, Jesica is active and she is getting ready to put in her mission papers. The rest of the family hasn´t been coming to church, but they love visiting with us and discussing goals and plans for the future. This week we visited them and talked to them about the importance of following through with their goals. We started sending them scriptures every morning so that it would help them read the scriptures. And, yesterday, they came to church! Oh it was such a miracle we literally almost cried! 
This week has been awesome and we have been blessed with sweet miracles. We don´t mind our plans falling through because a lot of the time, if they didn´t fall through, some of our sweetest miracles would have never happened. 
I hope that you all had a great week! I love and miss each of you! 
Hermana Martín

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