Friday, May 22, 2015

Week of May 18th

Mi Querida Familia,

Primero, feliz cumpleaños a mi tierno hermanito, Tanner! No puedo creer que tenés (o va a tener mañana) dieciseis años! Que loco! 
We had a great week! The hermanas capacitadoras came from Ushuaia and we went on divisions with them. I learned a lot! 
Hermana Gómez was sick and we were in the hospital for like the entire day on Friday. She couldn´t go out very much this weekend, either. But I think she´s doing better now. Plus I got to read a lot of the Bible in Spanish during the time that she´s been sick. That´s been nice haha. 
So this weekend we had the dedication of the temple of Córdoba!!! Aww!! It was so awesome to watch. President Uchtdorf and Elder Christofferson came. Elder Christofferson served his mission in Córdoba! And he spoke in Spanish for his talks. It was a really cool experience to watch the Cultural Celebration and the Dedication, even if we didn´t get to go to Ushuaia haha. 
This week Hermana Allen and Hermana Lock made pancakes in our pension. There was syrup everywhere and our pension smelled like syrup for a while haha but we cleaned the pension a lot this morning and now it smells like chemicals :) Worth it because yum pancakes! They don´t have pancakes here. 
I miss you all! Something that President Uchtdorf said yesterday was that we should do all we can to make sure our family members have temple recommends and use them so #justdoit. Remember that if you set your goals right, everything should be focused on the temple! I love you all. Tengan una semana linda! 
Con Amor,
Hermana Martin
Hermana Martin

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