Friday, August 21, 2015

August 17th

Dear Family,
Things have been a little crazy here. Today is feriado so a lot of things are closed. We went to a cyber that was open but the internet wasn´t working very well. Right now we are in Hermana Cora´s house and she is letting us use her computer so hopefully it works well! The reason that the Internet hasn´t been working very well is because it has been super windy, but super windy! A lot of power lines have fallen over because the wind is so strong. All day we get pelted by dirt and rocks because of the wind haha. It´s insane! 
On Saturday Hermana Sol√≥rzano and I went to Kilometros to have an activity with all of the sister missionaries in Comodoro. We went to an old folks home to visit with all of the abuelitos. Hermana Sol√≥rzano and I were talking to a woman from Portugal and she spoke in Portuguese and we totally understood her most of the time! Haha it was awesome. 
This week we had a little tsunami in our district and switched areas with the elders for a few hours. The area of the elders has a lot more dirt and we came back with brown faces haha. 
Saturday was Elder Houtz´s cumplemes so on Friday night Hermana Cora helped us decorate a cake for him! On Saturday we surprised the elders with the cake when they came to Hermana Cora´s house to help us decorate another cake for a sister in the ward (her birthday was Sunday). On Sunday we took the cake over to Hermana Vega´s house and had to carry it with our jackets over the cake so that dirt didn´t get all over the cake from the wind. Haha. It was awesome because Hermana Vega told us that it was the first time that the missionaries had visited her on her birthday. 
I hope that you are all having a great week so far! Love you and miss you! 

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