Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 24th


This was a crazy week. On Friday we had a tsunami in our district. The whole zone helped us contact in the Prensa and it was great. After the tsunami, we went back to the church to find out the transfers. The zone leaders put all of the transfers on tiny pieces of paper in ballons and we had to shoot at the ballons with a dart gun. Haha it was weird. It turns out that they are closing our area! Hermana Sol√≥rzano is going to Ushuaia and I`m going to Rawson. I couldn`t believe it and was completely shocked. When we told the members they were so sad. Some sisters were even crying. They`re all sad that there aren`t going to be hermanas in the ward anymore. I think that it`s only going to be for a while until more sisters come to the mission. I`m going to be in a trio, so that`s going to be weird but I think it`ll be a lot of fun. 

After we found out the transfers, we`ve been packing, writing cards to the members, and visiting all the members we could. The members here are awesome and we`ve made a ton of friends here. I know that I was only here for one transfer, and that we haven`t had a lot of success with our investigators, but I`ve really learned to love this area and I`m going to miss it. 

Last night the bishop threw a little going away party in his house for us and for Elder Houtz (he`s being transfered, too). Hermana Xoj Baj (my hermana capacitadora from Rio Grande) and Hermana Allen (she was in Rio Grande with me) were there too because they finished their missions and are going home tomorrow! They both served here in the Prensa and came down to visit the members and people they`ve taught. Looks like we`ll be able to do that, too, in a year :) 

Today we have to clean out our pension because some other elders from our zone are going to live in it because their contract expired. I`m going to be traveling to Rawson today and should be in my new area sometime late tonight! 

I hope that things go well for all of you with school and work :) 

Love you all! 


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