Monday, September 7, 2015

August 31st


Things are good in my new area! I´m in a trio with Hermana Doyel (Portland, Oregon) and Hermana Oberman (Misiones, Argentina). This week visited some of the members to get to know them. They´re super awesome! 

We were walking in the street and contacted a woman. She didn´t seem very interested at first, but then she told us that she lived alone and felt really lonely. She showed us where she lived and we´re going to visit her soon! We´ll see what happens.

We have a family that´s investigating the church. We stopped by, but were told that they were in the hospital, so we went to the hospital to visit them. Turns out that they´re one year-old baby was having some trouble with his lungs. We asked if they´d accept a blessing and they said yes, so the next day we came by with the elders. They gave him a blessing and right after, he was running around the hospital room, playing! This weekend I got pretty sick. Yesterday the elders came over to give me a blessing, too. I wasn´t running around the room after my blessing haha, but I´m getting better! 

I hope things are going well at home! Love you all.


Hermana Martin

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