Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 29th

Dear Family,

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

It was great being able to Skype with you guys on Christmas Eve! I loved talking to you all. 

This week was crazy. Christmas Eve here is a lot like New Year´s Eve in the states. They stay up till midnight and count down and then cheer with sparkly cider at midnight. The kids all go outside to watch fireworks and then when they come back in, Santa has left their toys. It´s cool and it was super fun to do all of that stuff! Santa even brought us presents, too! :) Something weird here is that a traditional Christmas desert here is pan dulce which literally, no joke, is fruit cake. They actually eat fruitcake here and it´s weird. 

On Christmas Day, we went to Trelew to spend the day with the Zone. The elders from Mexico made tacos and we watched some movies and played white elephant. It was fun. In the afternoon we went back to work! 

I´m being transferred to Puerto Madryn which is a city about an hour north of here. I´m excited because everyone says that Puerto Madryn is super pretty. And my new companion, Hermana Choc, is a latina, so that´s great! 

Luana is going to get baptized this Saturday! We´ve already planned and announced the baptism and have everything prepared. She´s so excited! Her niece (the ex-missionary that helped us find Luana) is coming up from Caleta for the baptism. It´s too bad that I won´t be able to be there for the baptism, but Hermana Monk promised to send me pictures. And I´m just so happy that she´s going to get baptized that I´m not even sad that I won´t be there! So happy! 

This week 2016 begins! Isn´t that crazy? This year has gone by so fast. I hope that each of you can set some goals for the year! I´ll be setting some goals, too. Yesterday in church, someone said that our first goal for the year should be to go to the temple. And I totally agree. There´s nothing more important than the temple where we can received saving ordinances for ourselves and for our ancestors. 

I love you all! Have a wonderful week and a very happy New Year! 

Hermana Martin

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