Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 7th

Dear Family,

We had a Zone Meeting this week and have been asked to start reading the Book of Mormon and finish it by July 1st. President asked us to mark about the Atonement in red and said that we could choose something else to mark. I´m marking obedience in blue and women in the scriptures in pink haha! It´s weird though because I´m already in the middle of reading the Book of Mormon before General Conference. But I´m reading for Conference in Spanish and for the mission in English, so it´s still easy to keep them separate haha. But I love reading the Book of Mormon- I feel so much better when I start and end my day with just a few minutes reading from it. President said that it´s the center or our religion and that we should make it the center of our lives, too. I know that it is the word of God and I hope that you are all reading it every day! 

Fanny´s birthday was this week so we made her a Plan of Salvation as a birthday present. She had asked us for a copy of it so that she could study haha! She loved it and to thank us whipped up some delicious empanadas! And she shared her birthday cake with us! 

On Sunday Fanny came to church. While waiting for Sacrament to start, she was reading the Book of Mormon! The Relief Society president had asked Hermana Clawson and I to teach the class in Relief Society, so we taught about Joseph Smith. It was a fine class but turned out to be awesome when the members started testifying to Fanny about the church and missionary work, etc. and then Fanny did, too! She´s just so cool honestly I can´t even explain it in words. She just comes to church and participates. It´s like she´s already a member! And at the end of the class, Hermana Clawson wanted to bear her testimony so she asked me to translate for her so that she could share it from the heart and it made every single hermana cry because Hermana Clawson was saying how much she loved and admired them. She wishes that she could get to know them better but it´s hard because she´s still learning the language. I think it just made all of the ladies understand Hermana Clawson more and it was a cool bonding moment. The members are such a help to us, especially with Fanny. They pick up her and drive her home and they help her feel so welcome. Members really are the key to having success in missionary work. 

Our other investigators, Nelida and Rosa, have both been out of town for a while so we´re just waiting till they get back so that we can keep teaching them. And we are always on the hunt for more people to teach!
I hope that you all have had a wonderful week and that this one is even better! If you haven´t see the church´s video Hallelujah, look it up! 

You really can find new life through Jesus Christ! It´s never too late to start over. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Martin

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