Monday, February 16, 2015

MTC Week 2


Life is good. We get to go to the temple every Monday, which is awesome. We also get to do laundry which is just as awesome.

Spanish is coming along well. Sister L. and I have now memorize our missionary purpose, the first vision, the baptismal invitation, and some phrases in Spanish. Plus we know a lot from high school so that really helps. I love learning Spanish man it's the best. The language of the gods. 

Tuesday we had to teach 2 lessons. Sister L. and I woke up at 6:15, got a to-go breakfast, and headed straight to class to go over our lesson plans. We taught Daniel (he's a fake investigator) and he agreed to a baptismal date! Haha it was awesome. Then we had TRC with Brian. It's hard because you don't know if they are real investigators or not because some are and some are members. But we are pretty sure Brian is. He wanted us to come back the next day but we couldn't until Thursday. We taught him about prayer, the restoration, and the Book of Mormon and he committed to praying about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and how to change his life but only if Sister Littlefield and I committed to pray about Mohammad and the Koran. He's not Muslim or anything he just thought it was a fair trade. So we agreed to it and he was surprised that we did. Keep in mind we teach this whole lesson in Spanish.

On Wednesday and Friday mornings we have service. On Wednesday we got to deep clean the showers with this spray foam stuff and it was crazy. Friday we arise from the darkness to be at service at 6:15 am (that's when service starts) to help do custodial work in the main building. Almost everyday we get to go to gym and we always play volleyball as a district. We've met a lot of awesome missionaries who play with us and it's really fun. 

Sunday, yesterday, I was given the assignment of Sister Training Leader so when new missionaries come into our zone on Wednesdays I welcome them and basically show them around/keep an eye on them. I'm kind of the girl equivalent of a Zone Leader and I am supposed to make sure all of the sisters in my district and zone are happy and healthy.Yesterday we also got to walk to the temple. After the walk, we went to Sacrament. In our branch, everyone has to have a talk prepared for that week's subject (yes in Spanish) and they just announce right then and there who will be speaking. Ah. But I didn't get asked to speak yesterday so it's okay. The Hermanas and I joined the MTC choir which sings for Tuesday night devotionals. We practiced yesterday and we are singing Nearer My God to Thee. We learned that that song is actually about the story of Jacob's ladder. Pretty cool! This Sunday, we watched a video of David A. Bednar giving a talk at the MTC a few years ago called "Character of Christ." It was amazing. If you can find it online it's worth it :)

Hermana Child is the funniest person you will ever meet. This week she dropped her tray in the cafeteria, accidentally pantsed herself at the temple, and she accidentally said that the Spirit "tempts" her instead of "prompts" her. 

Also, some words of wisdom from the 2nd counselor in my Branch Presidency, "Guys never have a bad hair day. If you wake up and there's hair there it's a good day."

I love you all and really appreciate the emails!!

Hermana Martin

P.S. Feel free to forward to family! 

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