Friday, March 13, 2015

Sister Martin Made it to Argentina!


I have made it to Comodoro Rivadavia! I am at the mission office right now and they gave us a chance to write an email. I´m sorry that I wasn´t able to talk on the phone very long or able to call you back. None of the other airports either had phones or phones that worked or phones that took our prepayed cards. It was nice to hear some of your voices for a bit, though. I´m here now, though, so don´t worry! Plus I got to meet Elder Holland at the airport and shake his hand and take a picture with him and ride on the same plane as him!!
Things seem great so far. The mission president and his wife are both very nice and so are the other missionaries. 

Hermana Littlefield and I were alone for a while in Buenos Aires, but then we met up with 8 elders who were heading to our mission. They are all native speakers and we are the only sisters coming in. The elders were very nice to us and helped us a lot. The language is definitely not what I learned at the MTC. But that´s okay. It´ll be great. We slept at the home of a senior couple last night.. I´m excited! Comodoro Rivadavia is really windy and really awesome. I love you all and will send news when I can. I hope that things are well at home.

Also, Dad, I tried multiple times to get my trip added to my Delta Sky Miles number but they said that the name didn´t match and they couldn´t do it for me but you should be able to add it at home? I´m sorry I couldn´t get it worked out but I have my ticket information if you need it and will try to send it to you. 

We are getting our assignments today and then will head out to our areas! I don´t know when I will email again but I will soon! 

Love you all! 

Hermana Martin

P.S. I have my nametag on I promise Idk why it´s acting all weird.

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