Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ushuaia, The Pension Cleaning, & a Cold


This weekend we had the awesome opportunity of going to Ushuaia for Saturday and Sunday. There was a district conference (it´s like Stake Conference) and we got to go to that, which wasn´t too exciting. But! We got to ride around in a boat and look at mountains and stuff on Saturday. Ushuaia is gorgeous! So pretty. The missionaries who get to serve down there are so lucky. 
This week not much else has happened. We are making more of an effort to find the less active members of our branch and visit them. A lot aren´t home or don´t let us in. But we were able to talk to one family and are having family home evening with them tonight! So that should be good. One of the less actives who´s door we knocked on turned out to be dead... Not right then but her neighbor said she died a couple years ago so that was really sad. 
The members in our branch are so nice. They are so good to us and feed us lunch a lot of the days! It´s really nice of them and I´m grateful for them. 
I got sick this weekend and am still sick. Literally it´s just a cold and I´m fine but it was funny because everyone was like she´s sick she´s sick and it got all the way to the mission president! Haha I´m like, it´s a cold. We don´t need to talk about it. Haha. But it´ll be fine.
We deep cleaned the pension today because it´s nasty. I should have taken pictures before I did anything to it. But I´ll take some this week. There was so much nasty expired food in the fridge and like old trash in the corner that they never took out. It´s just like ew. It´s gross enough when it´s clean but come on. So we´re working on cleaning it. 
I hope that everything is okay at home! I know a lot is going on right now and I want you to know that I´m praying for all of you. 
(Hermana Martin)

Hermana Martin

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