Tuesday, June 30, 2015


My Dear Family,

First of all, have a great Fourth of July this weekend! Please read Alma 46:12-15 about the estandarte de la libertad. 
This last week was pretty usual. Everything was pretty usual here, except that yesterday we got to go to Ushuaia!!! We got together with the Zone of Ushuaia to celebrate the second anniversary of the mission. It was really great! The bus down to Ushuaia was not so great.. The bus left at 6 am (a three hour bus ride, but more with the snow). I threw up twice and it was gross. Oddly enough, I didn´t really have any verguenza to throw up in front of all the elders. Twice. They were really nice about it and so was the bus driver. He pulled over for me a few times so that I could get some fresh, snowy air. Hermana Allen got sick on the bus, too, so we would go outside and eat snow haha. But once we got to Ushuaia, things were good! We got to eat Subway (they have a Subway in Ushuaia because it´s touristy). We went to see the faro at the end of the world again (although there is one further in Chile). We played games in the church and had a testimony meeting. Our district dipped out of the games in the church for part of the day to go do some shopping. Got some cool stuff in Ushuaia! It was a great day and we had to take the bus back to Río Grande, getting back at about 10 pm. Today we are doing all of our other pday stuff that we couldn´t do yesterday! 
I hope that you liked the fotos of Ushuaia again! I´m so glad that I got a chance to go down there a second time because who knows if I ever will again! 

Love you all and I hope that you have a great week and an awesome Fourth of July! 



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