Monday, June 22, 2015

June 15th

My Dear Family,

First of all--Happy almost 21st birthday Madison!!! I´m sorry that I can´t be there for your birthday, but I hope that it is a great one!

Feliz casi día del padre, Dad! Sos el mejor papá una hija podría querer! 

This past week was great. The Hermanas and I are having a great time. Hermana Johnson is the best! We work great together and teach great together. This week we had so many lessons and we have 5 investigators with fechas so that´s exciting. We are working hard. I actually am starting to feel billingual now that I can speak in two languages to the same person. It´s an awesome feeling. 

Every Friday, we teach English class (Hermana Johnson and I teach). This week we also started something new--Zumba classes! Hermana Flores teaches (don´t worry we got permission from Presidente). It´s super fun! It´s really helping to bond the Relief Society, too. Our bodies might hurt, but we´re happy haha! 

So it´s getting colder and colder here and although we can´t drink mate to keep warm, we have té de hierbas and malta in the pension, so we´re trying to keep warm. Things are weird here, like living in a different world. But it´s an adventure! 

Alma 39:13 que te vuelvas al Señor con toda tu mente, poder y fuerza...
Alma 41:10 la maldad nunca fue felicidad

Make good choices and remember that true happiness comes from following the will of God! I love you all and pray that you are doing well.

Hermana Martin

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