Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week of June 8th!

Dear Family,
This week we had transfers. Hermana Lock and Hermana Gómez left, so I was with Hermana Allen for a little bit. Hermana Flores (from downtown Dallas) and Hermana Johnson (Plain City, UT) came on Wednesday night. They´re both awesome. Hermana Johnson and I work so well together! We teach well together and we get along super well, so we´re happy. It´s too bad I´ll probably leave after this transfer, though! 
This week it snowed here for the first time! It was cold but pretty. I´m glad it´s getting cold enough to snow rather than rain because it´s better walking on ice and snow that in water and mud. 
This week Hermana Johnson and I had 169 contacts. Fua! It´s getting easier for me to talk to the people. I don´t know why, but I feel like I can´t talk to the people more when I´m with Hermana Johnson. I feel more comfortable teaching and contacting, so I´m super content. 
Because Hermana Johnson is new to this area, I have to take the lead with the planning and directions. It´s weird because you all know that I´m not the best with directions. I have my maps and my addresses and it´s going well so far. I feel like I know where most of the people are without my map, though. I´m growing haha!!!
This week, Hermana Johnson and I were knocking doors and we came accross a young couple- They let us in and I we were talking to them. We didn´t really know why, but we just started teaching the Book of Mormon. It´s turns out that they had one in their house but had never read it! It was a cool experience and they accepted the challenge to read and pray about it.
I know that you all are super busy with your jobs and friends, but I hope that you are all going to church and reading your scriptures and saying your prayers. Write me when you can, I miss you all! 
Hermana Martin

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  1. Katie: It gets easier and easier to speak to people on a mission. Part of that is becoming more knowledgeable about the language and part is because you have to speak up. You had to because you were more familiar with the area and you had to take the lead. I always found it easy to approach strangers on the street or at their home. I told myself I didn't have to worry about making a fool of myself because I was never going to see those people again. I was a foreigner in their land....what was the chance I would ever see them again. It just gave me a boost of confidence. :-) Love Grammy