Monday, July 13, 2015

June 13th

My Family,
First off, I´m being transfered! Tomorrow I leave for my second area, which is in Comodoro. It´s called La Prensa B. Hermana Allen started there and she told me all about it. Hermana Johnson is going to train a new missionary, so she left this morning for Comodoro to go pick up her new companion! Last night when we were praying before bed, I was praying for all of the people that we are teaching here, and I just broke out crying. I´m going to really miss this area and the people here. Hermana Johnson said that I did all I could here, and I really think that´s true. Now I am ready to go find some people in Comodoro! I´m excited! My new companion is Hermana Solórzano and she is from Guatemala. 
This week we had our Christmas in July discrict meeting/lunch so that was really fun! We all exchanged gifts and letters haha! 
So I said that we baked cookies for our neighbors but they didn´t saying anything, right? Well this week, one of our neighbors knocked on our door! He thanked us and then gave us alfajors from Mendoza! And then the next day he gave us a bag of potatoes!! It was awesome :)
This work is amazing, I love being a missionary. Honestly it´s incredible to meet so many people and to have your mind turned to spiritual things all the time! 
I hope that you all are having a great week so far! I love and miss you! 
Hermana Martin

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