Monday, July 13, 2015

June 6th

Hermana Johnson and I live in an apartment building, and we sometimes see our neighbors in the hallway. We never really talk to them other than an hola, so this week we made cookies and delivered them to our neighbors. No one answered the door, but when we came back later, the cookies were gone, so hopefully they liked them! 
This week went by so fast! On the Fourth of July, we had a Zone Meeting and for the closing song we stood up and sang the national anthem!! So it kind of felt like the Fourth of July, regardless of the snow outside :) 
On Friday they tell us the transfers, and I´m pretty sure that I´m leaving. Normally the most we stay in an area is three transfers, and this is my third here. So, I´ll probably be traveling to my new area on Monday or Tuesday next week! But you never know.
I made my new agenda cover for this next transfer and attempted to draw a picture of me and Jesus. Don´t laugh, I know I can´t draw! But it´s cute cuz I have my placa and everything. Also, I love Jesus graffiti. 
By the way, Merry Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas here, or at least it is for our district :) We are having a Christmas in July district meeting tomorrow jaja, with presents and everything! Because with the snow and everything it just feels like December. More news on how that goes next week! Our district is getting a lot of knitted goods for their presents from us jaja. 
Have a great week! Try to think about Jesus a little more, that´s what our goal is for this week. Every day we want to study specifically about Jesucristo and talk about him more. He really did suffer and die for each of us. But the best part is that He lives today! Yo sé que vive mi Señor! 
Love you all!
Hermana Martin

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