Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 28th

Querida Familia Mía,

¿Pueden creer que hoy tengo 8 meses en la misión? Yo no lo puedo creer. Esta semana fue llena de milagros. El martes, ibamos caminando hacia una parte muy lejos de nuestra área. Yo sentí la impresión que debíamos volver y visitar a nuestros investigadores, Atendolfo y Vanesa. Viven en el otro lado de nuestra área. No les habíamos visto en mucho tiempo. Fuimos a su casa y por la ventana pudimos ver que estaban sentados a la mesa, como que si nos estuvieron esperando. Visitamos con ellos y Atendolfo dijo que quiere bautizarse! No pudimos creerlo! Seguimos al espíritu. 

Can you believe that today I have 8 months in the mission? I can´t! This week was full of miracles. Tuesday, we were walking towards a really far part of our area. I felt the impression that we should go back and visit our investigators, Atendolfo and Vanesa. They live on the other side of our area. We hadn´t seen them for a long time. We went to their house and could see through the window that they were sitting at the kitchen table, as if they were waiting for us. We visited with them and Atendolfo told us that he wants to be baptized! We couldn´t believe it. We followed the spirit. 

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference with President Rogers. On Friday, we went to the local radio station to ask for help because we couldn´t find the a less active member´s house. They tried to help us but we didn´t have any luck. Before we left, I got the impression to ask if we could announce General Conference over the radio. So I asked and they said yes! This Wednesday we have an appointment with the radio station and we are going to announce the information for General Conference!! 

All week we have been talking to the members about General Conference and inviting them to write questions for General Conference. Saturday we watched the General Women´s Conference and I got the answer to one of my questions. I know that God answers our questions and that we can receive personal revelation while watching Conference. I invite each one of you to write questions that you have to prepare for Conference. During Conference, write down the answers you receive. 

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. DyC 1:38

A ton of miracles happened this week. But those are just a few . I love and miss you all. 


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