Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 9

Dear Family,

This Friday we will find out transfers, just a heads up! Hermana Doyel and I aren´t sure what is going to happen this transfer. We both have the same amount of time in this area, so one of us or both of us or neither of us might leave. We want to stay together another transfer! Also, this week we might be moving pensions. We´ve had a lot of problems with our pension and we found a new one that´s really safe and nice. 

This last week was great, we have had a lot of help from the members and have seen some progress with our investigators. One of our investigators, Macarena, introduced us to her sister. They both seem really interested! Yesterday we went to visit Atendolfo and Vanesa. Atendolfo was working, but Vanesa and their daughter, Roxana, were there. We shared a move with them about the Book of Mormon (How Rare a Possession). They really liked it and we set up another appointment. Our other investigators are either out of town or sick or not progressing very much. 

On Wednesday we had Ward Council. It was kind of weird talking about the people we´ve been visiting in front of the whole Ward Council but it was also awesome! 

Yesterday we had the Primary Program at church. All of the little kids sang and read their little parts. It was really cute. 

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he truly suffered and died for us. Through his Atonement, everything that is unfair about life can be made right again. I know that if we have faith in Christ, we will be able to handle all of life´s challenges. It seems like every day life becomes more and more difficult. There is nothing greater than sharing this message of hope with all the world. Christ is the only source of true peace and happiness. 

I hope that things are well at home! I love and miss you all! 


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