Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dec 21st

Dear Family,
Merry Christmas! I´m looking forward to seeing you guys over Skype! That´s going to be awesome! 

This last week we have been working a ton! Yesterday we had a crazy adventure trying to going to a baptism in Trelew with our investigator Luana. Two taxis and one bus ride later, we finally made it to the baptism and it was a super great experience. I think it really helped Luana feel more comfortable about baptism. She´s progressing and should be baptized the 2nd of January. During the baptismal service, we sang Christmas hymns and watched the Christmas videos that the church made. At first I thought it was a little strange that they were mixing Christmas and baptism, but then I realized that Christmas is about that. A new, clean start. The Savior was born so that each of us could start over again, repent, and become more like him. #whiteChristmas

This week all sorts of crazy things happened. We made some apple bread thing on divisions and it burned haha. We got called false prophets (ouch). One of our investigators said no to every commitment we tried to give her. Another investigator that had a baptismal date told us to never come again. But good things happened, too! We went on divisions with the sister training leaders and we put a baptismal date with someone in Rawson and someone in Trelew. Five investigators came to church. One of our investigators, Ilda, totally came to church by herself and loved it! We are seeing a lot of great progress with our investigators and I feel like January will be full of baptisms. 

I´ve been thinking a lot about Christmas. It´s weird not being home and singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas stories, exchanging Christmas presents. But honestly I´ve never been so happy in my life. I feel so blessed to share the spirit of Christmas with everyone here. Singing Christmas songs in Spanish, sharing the Ha Nacido un Salvador videos, testifying of the Lord Jesus Christ. It´s amazing to be a missionary and this is honestly such a great time to share the gospel. Every time is a great time, pero bueno. Hay que aprovechar de este tiempo cuando todos están mas receptivos y en sus casas ;)

Lucas 2:11 que os ha nacido hoy, en la ciudad de David, un Salvador, que es Cristo el Señor.

Christ is our Savior. God loves us so much, and that´s why he sent Christ to the earth. To bring us hope, to give us second chances and third chances. That little baby that was born 2015 years ago is the Savior of the world. He still lives today and he guides this church. I know with all my heart that if we choose to follow Him, we will be happy in this life and in the life to come. 

Have a very merry Christmas! I will see you all on Christmas Eve on Skype. Thank you for your love and support. I hope that you can enjoy this time together. 

Hermana Martin

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