Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15th


This week was absolutely crazy! Monday and Tuesday I was with some of the other sisters in our zone. On Tuesday night I took a bus to Comodoro. We spent all Wednesday in Comodoro. I was the only sister that was going to train and the rest were elders. It was cool because I saw some of the elders that came to the mission with me. I also saw Elder Frederickson (from Denton) so that was awesome! I loved being in the office and participating in everything because it reminded me a lot of what I experienced when I first got here. On Wednesday night we took a bus back to Madryn. 

My new companion, Hermana Clawson, is so awesome. She´s from Perry, Utah (near Brigham City). We get along super well and every moment is an adventure because it´s all so new to her--the mission, Argentina, Spanish. So we have a lot of fun.

President gave us the challenge to help our trainees put a baptismal date with someone before the end of the week. Hermana Clawson put 3 baptismal dates! I´m having a great time and it´s so fun teaching with Hermana Clawson! 

This morning I was reading in Mosiah 2 and loved the whole chapter. But something that really hit me was verse 34 because it says that we are indebted to God and must give him all that we have and all that we are. And then in verse 41 is talks about a state of never ending happiness if we keep the commandments of God. I want to give God all that I have and all that I am. He wants us to be happy, not just now but for forever. 

I love and miss you all. Have a wonderful week! 


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