Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 18th

Dear Family,

This past week went by so fast! I still can´t believe it! 

Hermana Clawson and I have wanted more students for our English classes, so we have been waiting until 5 o´clock (when the school lets out) to contact all of the kids walking home with their parents! Hopefully more will come to the classes!

This week we are starting Zumba classes. A sister from the ward is going to teach, and they invited us because apparently several ladies invite their non-member friends! So that should be a good way to find some people to teach.

We are also going to start teaching piano to a girl in the ward named Micaela. I only know a few hymns but I´ll teach her what I know haha. 

Yesterday we ate lunch with the Piedrahita family and their daughter had invited a friend over for lunch. The girl´s name is Alma and her parents and grandparents are members, but she never got baptized because they went inactive several years ago! Alma´s mom is going to come to Zumba tomorrow and we think that Alma could be a potential baptism! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she seemed really interested. 

Last night was so cool! It was a little past 8 o´clock and Hermana Clawson and I were so tired! We just wanted to go to bed! We had decided earlier that we were going to stop by Mireya´s house (her daughter is a member but less active) to see if she was home. We had taught Mireya once last transfer and haven´t really been able to find her since. Well she was there and let us in! The first time we had taught her she didn´t really seem to like what we were sharing. But this time she loved it! We shared a little about the Plan of Salvation and she said that she knew it was true. We´re way excited to go back and keep teaching her! 

Thanks for all of your emails! I love and miss you guys!


Hermana Martin

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