Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 25th

Dear Family,

I`m sorry for not sending pictures today! The power in the church went out, again! Haha so we just went straight to the cyber to write. 

So I told you guys about Alma last week. Well she came to church on Sunday! And tonight we are planning on having Family Home Evening with her and the Piedrahitas (the family that introduced us to her). For a while we were thinking that she lived in the elders area because we saw her playing on their side of the street. But it turns out that she lives right in front of the Piedrahita family`s apartment, so we are all good to teach her! She`s awesome and we are way excited to see how FHE goes. 

Oh and just so you know, Alma seems like a super Mormony name but here is means "soul" and a lot of girls are named that! 

Apart from Alma we are out of investigators. Hopefully this week we can find some more! 

This week we were contacting in the street and we ran into a less active sister named Balbina. We invited her to church. She lives in the elders area, and apparently they saw her and invited her to church, too. Well she came! So that made us all happy. 

This week we are doing something called "Una Semana En Sus Pasos" which is basically a week to walk in Jesus`s footsteps. We are going to try to work harder than ever and be more obedient than ever! One thing that Hermana Clawson and I decided to do is to wake up every day 15 minutes early and read in the Book of Mormon. We did it this morning and it wasn`t even hard. I really liked starting my day off reading the scriptures. It was surprisingly easy to retain what I read, normally I`m way out of it in the morning! 

I know that Jesus Christ really was the only perfect person to have lived on this earth and I know that it is important for us to try to be a little more like him everyday. That way, when he comes again, we shall see him as he is, for we shall be like him.

I love you guys! Thank you so much for the emails and for your prayers. Have a wonderful week!!


Hermana Martin

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