Saturday, July 2, 2016

June 20th

Dear Familia! 

Well first off happy early birthday to my favorite hermana in the world! I hope you have a great birthday, Madison! 

Hermana Yañez, Hermana Littlefield, and I are currently in a trio because Hermana Littelfield`s companion finished her mission and headed to Comodoro on Saturday morning. Tomorrow morning Hermana Yañez leaves at 5 am. Hermana Littlefield`s new companion is Hermana Choc (another one of my old companions!). And my new companion is Hermana Pardo from Spain! They should get here tomorrow night or on Wednesday. 

Yesterday we had 2 baptisms!! Micaela and Omar. If you guys remember, it`s been really hard for us to get them to church. Well Saturday we had a revelation. Literally Hermana Yañez, Hermana Littlefield, and I all receive the same revelation seperately. We knew that they were ready to get baptized. We called President Rogers and told him all about them and he gave us permission for Micaela and Omar to get baptized on Sunday as long as they went to church! We visited Micaela and Omar and told them the news and they were so excited! 

They went to another baptism on Saturday and then afterwards they had their interviews. Sunday morning they were awake and getting ready for church! Honestly I think they just needed the baptism to motivate them to go. It was so cool because literally all of the members in our branch and in other branches helped set up everything for the baptism. Micaela and Omar were happier than I had ever seen them!! It was honestly a miracle! 

Yesterday I could feel the spirit so strong during the baptism! I know that this is just the first step for Micaela and Omar. The real goal is for them to make it to the temple and become an eternal family!

I love this gospel! 

Hermana Martin

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