Saturday, June 4, 2016

May 30th

Dear Family,

This Wednesday we are fasting as a zone because we have a goal to get 24 baptisms in the month of June here in Ushuaia! My companion and I want to get five baptisms. Here`s a little bit about each of the five people we want to baptize:

(1) Ricardo. I sent you guys a picture of us with Ricardo. As you can see he looks kind of like Einstein. He is the best investigator ever! Ricardo is currently in Cordoba but is coming back this week. As of right now his baptismal date is for the 18th of June but we might change it to the 4th or the 11th. He went to church in Cordoba and is so ready to get baptized!

(2) Micaela and (3) Omar. They are a married couple and live just half a block away from the church. They are ready to get baptized and know everything (the missionaries have been teaching them for months). The only thing that they need is to go to church consistently and then they can get baptized. They come to church activities during the week but it`s hard for them to wake up on Sundays. We call and knock there door but it`s impossible! So as soon as we can get them coming to church, they`ll get baptized.

(4) Luis. I sent you a picture of Luis. He`s a cute little old man who is almost done reading the Book of Mormon for the second time. He comes to church every Sunday. He was supposed to get baptized this last Saturday (he had his interview and everything). But Luis is having a hard time recognizing answers to his prayers, asking if the church is true and if the Book of Mormon is true. He`s currently praying and trying to recognize his answer and as soon as he does he`ll be baptized! 

(5) Hilda or Mariela or Sergio. There are lots of possibilities for our 5th baptism! 

My companion and I are currently working a lot with these people and with some other investigators not mentioned. We have lots of people to teach and find new people everyday! 

Last week we had a family history activity in the church with the Senior Single Adults. It was really cool to help these elderly members find their family names and fill out their family trees on Family Search. I have a strong testimony that family history work is just as important as missionary work--they are both the work of Salvation. I know that the church as been restored on the earth and that everyone (living and dead) is in need of the saving ordinances that can only be offered by restored priesthood authority. 

I`m having a wonderful time serving here and I love the people that I`m teaching. They really have been prepared to hear the gospel. 

Thanks for your love and support!
Hermana Martin

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