Monday, April 11, 2016

March 28th

Dear Family,

Today I officially have been in the mission for 14 months! Isn´t it crazy how fast time is passing? 

Last week went by so fast. We were very busy getting everything ready for Fanny´s baptism. But the baptism turned out beautifully and it went super well! She wasn´t even nervous but I sure was! The day of Fanny´s baptism we walked into her house and like always her Book of Mormon was open on the table. She´s always reading it! At the church we took lots of pictures and they asked me to play the piano for the meeting but I was too nervous so thankfully another missionary came who could play the piano. But I shouldn´t have been so nervous because honestly it was super great and we felt the spirit so strong! So many people came (members and a few non-members) to support Fanny. It was a great day! On Easter Sunday she was confirmed a member of the church and received the Holy Ghost! It´s crazy to think that a little old lady that we met knocking doors a couple of weeks ago is now a Mormon:) I love it! 

For Easter, Hermana Clawson taught Gospel Principles all by her self! We were all so proud of her! She´s really progressing a ton. Today is the first day of the new transfer and we are luckily staying together!

I´m writing kind of late because for pday Hermana Clawson and I ate lunch with some of the sisters in our zone, Hermana Beard and Hermana Supo. It was super fun! 

This coming weekend is General Conference! Get ready to hear the prophet´s voice and invite your friends! It´s not just for members but for all the world! 

Hermana Martin

Hermana Martin

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